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We use our extensive experience to help local authorities, corporate businesses, venue owners and managers, charities and those planning and running health-related projects and facilities to achieve their goals. We can source funding, devise management strategies, create development plans and carry out impact assessment.

We are also happy to advise on the delivery of projects in the charity, education, health, leisure, open spaces and physical activity sectors.

Full details of  what we do, who we are and examples of projects we have been involved with are on this site, but if you still have questions after reading the pages, please contact us.



We take a solution-focused approach to create a client- centred strategy.


We have been successful in gaining funding from a wide range of sources for projects.

Development Plans

We can help identify the steps required to achieve your end goal.

Plan Implementation

For a development plan to work it needs to be actioned, monitored and evaluated.

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