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Our Experience

Our abilities to plan, organise and manage have been proven since the 1980s when with family and friends we set up a charity to create a mother and baby unit for vulnerable young women.

We taught the residents life skills and worked with organisations including social care and the judicial system to support the residents and help them to live independently.

From here, we moved to set up and run a residential unit for young men aged 16-25 who were coming out of care or young offenders' units. Based in a farm setting, the young men were given opportunities to gain NVQs in small animal care and to work on YTS programmes co-ordinated by us in car mechanics, small business operations and market gardening.

At Rosliston Forestry Centre, as well as developing the facilities, we devised and introduced programmes to help rehabilitate and involve the community, including so-called "hard to reach" groups.

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