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Shout out for the NHS

This week we celebrate 70 years of the NHS and as an ex – nurse I feel proud to have been part of this amazing institution. All too often in life there are is someone waiting  to criticise and I think in this country this is a particular failing of ours , we seem all too quick to put ourselves down , point out what we are getting wrong, see the bad in people rather than the good … well I think its about time we turned things around and started shouting about the good … the amazing doctors, nurses, radiographers, physios, O.Ts, porters, lab technicians  , the list goes. These dedicated teams that work 24/7, 365 days a year to ensure that no matter who we are, how much we earn or what our background is we can turn up day or night and know be looked after, totally free of charge. So well done guys, you do an amazing job, often in very difficult circumstances and most of the time with very little thanks and an awful lot of flack but today Id like to give our NHS a big SHOUT OUT!!


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