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We have been successful in gaining funding from a wide range of sources for projects . We can help identify sources best suited for your work and write applications for them. We identify resources and conduct feasibility studies when writing bids.

In these times of shrinking mainstream resources pulling in funding from a range of sources is more important than ever.

We have been successful in securing bids both great and small, from well know sources such as the National Lottery to more localised and specialist ones such as Clinical Commissioning Groups and The National Forest Company.

We can help with both identifying sources appropriate to your project or plans and with writing bids for them. We can gather evidence, analyse data and present it all in the most appropriate ways.

We can also, if required, help promote voting, canvas public opinion and manage the marketing of these.

Acquiring corporate sponsorship is another area in which we can demonstrate success.

Over the years we have secured thousands of pounds, why not use us to help you get the money you need?


Impact Assessment

We fully appreciate that when funds or resources are dedicated or awarded to a project, it is very important to monitor the work concerned and, at its end, to evaluate what it has achieved.

From having been awarded grants for projects we have managed, and from analysing the effects – positive and negative – of those being run by others, we have experience in evaluation and impact assessment.

We consider many types of evidence in evaluating projects, selecting the ones most appropriate to the piece of work concerned. We look at each piece of evidence individually as well as considering their cumulative effects.

In the case of grant funders, we can help at the outset by identifying how recipients should feedback. We can also visit grant recipients to assess ongoing project progress and at the end carry out analysis to provide comprehensive feedback including written reports, presentations and verbal updates.

For private sector grant donors, we assess the impact of the project on their organisation as well as on the target market of the project. This helps to highlight any contributions projects have made to corporate aims, objectives and reputation. It also helps identify if criteria need to be revised in the future to better achieve desired corporate aims.

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